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a there a link with hypersexuality/paraphilias?

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a there a link with hypersexuality/paraphilias?

Postby neptune » Sun May 08, 2022 10:07 am

I think this thread may have been something to have qualified for the now closed sub forum and I hope it's not breaking any rules, if it belongs somewhere else please feel free to move it somewhere else. interested to know if there are any links between hypersexuality and fetishes/ paraphilias?

from looking this up it seems that bipolar is commonly associated with hypersexuality, but I don't often see discussion with paraphilias or fetishes associated with that hypersexual activity? most of what I have read seems to be heightened sexual activity, sometimes risky behaviour, or wanting to engage with sexual partners more often. there seems to be less focus on deviancy in terms of sexual preference and more about deviancy with sexual activity (hope those are appropriate terms). am I right with this? or am I on the wrong track?
I did see some links to mania and paraphilias and thought about asking if there was a mania based forum. that seems to be a bit more common.

also I did read about a link between npd or anti social personality with paraphilia? but in terms of the link between hypersexuality and fetish/paraphilia is this a common thing but isn't really talked about much? is fetishism or paraphilia a component often with hypersexuality/sexual addiction?
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Re: a there a link with hypersexuality/paraphilias?

Postby Snaga » Mon May 09, 2022 6:54 pm

I'll make the executive decision that we're fairly safe, as long as we're not talking about specific paraphilias/fetishes- which are now unfortunately verboten. But in the generalities posed here I think are all right to muse on.

I myself don't know of any links between particular personality or mood disorders, and the likelihood of having/developing a paraphilia or fetish. Although it seems a bit logical that those who seek thrills (isn't that sometimes a component of AsPD?) might find themselves being intrigued by deviant or 'out of the box' sexual practices.

Personally I don't know that there's necessarily a link between being hypersexual and having paraphilias, although it might be reasoned that a person, in the right circumstances, might resort to paraphilas or fetish, if the reward is the promise of more sex? I mean, especially if you've got the raging hots of a particular person but they're into something kinky, aren't you more likely to get pulled into whatever floats their boat? And what's the old saying?- (a favorite of mine)- it's only kinky the first time? :twisted:

Personally I consider myself potentially pretty kinky. At least my mind goes a lot of places my body doesn't feel as if it's able to but the want-to is there. I consider myself a little hypersexed (but it's repressed if that makes any sense) and well I also think I'm a little kinky. Let's just say I miss the Fetish and BDSM subforums. But whether one leads to the other I remain skeptical.
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