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My experience there is nothing to do against hyper sexuality

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My experience there is nothing to do against hyper sexuality

Postby Karyna » Sun Jan 26, 2020 8:34 am

Hi My name is Karyna I'm a 33 year old female from Europe.

In my puberty I started to realize that I am lesbian, had my first girlfriend when I was 15 and started sexual experiments with her ( she was also 15 ), she learn me to mastrubate and also use vibrators that turns me on, from that moment on my sexual addiction started to grow every time when I saw an other nice women or girl I fantasized what I would do with her, and that fantasy was going so far that I must find a toilet or something to mastrubate, this whas rising, from the age of 17 I visit also a lot of times erotica/lingerie stores and when I'm out seeking places to mastrubate, in that time I have heard also other lesbian girls not only for friendship but just for sex when I was around one we had nice talking and I'm talked in all way to go to bed with them, at last this happens everyday, I have searched a psych to talk about it and have visit some support groups, but all this helped not talking in these groups my addiction has growing and grow i give it up to visit these groups and started visiting seksclubs on women only evenings to have sex, at the age of 24 I still visit erotica/lingery stores on a day I saw an ad inside one off the stores that they offer a partime job for 20 hours so I started to work inside my addictoin started growing and growing at work i mastrubate serval times when there is nobody in the shop at the age of 27 i came in contact with a women who was starting an all lesbian escort service and decided to work for her to still my sex hunger.
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