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The reality of female body.

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The reality of female body.

Postby Tony12Max » Mon Dec 09, 2019 4:07 pm

As a sexual addict there is constant argumentation going on in my mind regarding the female body.

Well, the way female's private parts are shown in films and porn really captures the mind. I know they do it, they (those directors) want me to be sick, to be ill and to act out the actions shown in films. I know they make female stars to work out for the proper shape, the director's team put all kinds of makeups of female star's private parts so as to make it look attractive. Even in the movies it shown that the female star is liking those sexual acts (sex, voyeur, exhibitionism) which is totally untrue, but once the mind gets infected these truths have no effect on it.

So, I request you to please help to win this argumentation, my evil side of brain is saying "Come on, do it don't you see that naked body, those parts, and even it's consensual" and I must tell you that arguments like "Those movie girls are no different than you, they do all those things that you. It's in the movie that they are shown like this" are not working.

The extreme availability of explicit contents on internet has destroyed my mind and reasoning alone cannot conquer it. I need your help.
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