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Did escalation get me in trouble?

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Did escalation get me in trouble?

Postby Mrahj » Fri Jan 11, 2019 2:17 am

I am a 44 m who is by any measurement a sex addict. I was molested as a young teen (about 13-16) and though by appearances I appear ok, I am messed. My sex life has been one of obsessive compulsive action and have been with other woman, men, even a tranny once over the years.

I began a program about a year ago and have curbed all of my activities except porn. Two weeks ago I discovers something called onion browser which lets you access the dark web. Over the next two weeks my porn viewing took off. (In reality the most on any one day was a couple of hours) I,sort of got obsessed to find all I could find. I found porn that I thought I would never watch. (Rough, nasty stuff) but the escalation has a mind of its own. My fear is this. I hit some sites I shouldn't have. Porn site. Though there was no film just some images. I stayed a few minutes at most on any one site, then moved on. Anyone that is compulsive about porn understands it is not the porn but the search that is so exciting. My,concern is will I now be visited by police, FBI, military etc for what I did. I never downloaded anything, talked to anyone, but to someone with my issues I'm being driven crazy.

I don't know much about the web. I know what I did was wrong but like plenty of time I realize it after I did what I do. But this is different, I hear stories of people being arrested etc for this. I'm not sure of there stories, but I was just stupid...anyone have any advice etc...thanks
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Re: Did escalation get me in trouble?

Postby Snaga » Thu Jan 31, 2019 8:23 pm

Probably not, but I wouldn't be looking at anything if I wasn't sure about the legality, any longer.

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