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My Mom's Breasts (an 8/9-year-update)

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My Mom's Breasts (an 8/9-year-update)

Postby breastlover4269 » Tue Aug 07, 2018 12:42 pm

Hi everyone. I haven't been on the site in YEARS! I had to go though the "forgot my e-mail/password" process to log back in and STILL couldn't remember which e-mail i used to register for the site lol.

Anyhow... i didn't quite feel this fit in the "sexual abuse/incest" section of the forum since no "abuse" actually took place but i take it a mod will move this if they deem it necessary. Besides, my first "My Mom's Breasts" thread was in here so... yeah... i guess i'll proceed.

So yeah, here's the link to the original thread: sexual-addiction/topic35108.html. If you haven't already, please read before proceeding further.

The thing is, at this time i have NO sexual attraction to my mom... like... at all! I DO NOT want to see her boobs. I'm not close with her! But i keep thinking back to that time back in July 2002 when i saw her breasts hanging out of her robe. Actually, to elaborate on that something that's already covered in the first thread, I was 12 at the time. My mom was on the phone, i remember falling down and mildly hurting my knee, and then i looked up and saw her entire right breast exposed as her robe was halfway on. I did get turned on by it all.

I've been thinking about that, which prompted my return to the site. Now, at 27 years old, I DO NOT want to see my mother's bare breasts... or naked at all... ever. Needless to say, i think i outgrew wanting to see her undressed and i'm kind of happy i did. The thought about me wanting to see my mum naked kind of makes me sick. Just... ewww! I'm not, by any means, passing judgement on anyone who's sexually attracted to their own mother. I'm just clearly stating that I'm not to mine like i used to.

I don't know if this constitutes as a "problem" per se, but for one thing i have an incest fetish. Not actually DOING it. But more so writing about it. I have these sexual fantasies in my mind about being a child again and having a mother (a different mother, not my exact one from this real-time reality) showing me her breasts, groping her breasts, etc. and about her having big breasts with the big dark areolas with the beautiful fading edges with the spots around them like my real mom had. I get really hard thinking about these types of things. Not just the whole breast thing but i fantasize about her touching me inappropriately as a child and write about it in my stories as well as my past obsessions with my mum's breasts. That's the part some might find sick and disturbing. Who knows, maybe in that way i am sick and disturbed.

While I plan to write stories for *mod edit* I kind of don't want to be writing out my stories around my fantasies that cater to adults having sexual encounters with minors because i've always been paranoid about my laptop being stolen during a break-in or something and they could get to my private files in my harddrive if i ever got in trouble or whatever and my laptop had to be confiscated to see all my activities. Gee, how embarrassing that would be! But hey, i get it, I'm not a normal person! I'm just grateful i at least have the common decency to know right from wrong and never to do these things in real life, especially since i've NEVER been in trouble with the law before! :D

I think my mom's areolas and my fascination with them set a narrative for the way i've become fascinated with other women's breasts and how i want my breasts and areolas to look. I'm actually in the middle of a painfully-slow transition to becoming a woman. I want big boobs. Huge boobs. I want those big, "motherly" bumpy areolas with fading edges with the tiny spots around them and the thimble-shaped nipples. But sadly that's only possible if i got pregnant and had children which unfortunately isn't possible for me in this life. I was watching a video the other night of this Latina chick with HUGE breasts. Her areolas look just like i described (it was some webcam video of her taking off her bra and showing her boobs). I felt so jealous because i want breasts just like hers. Hopefully in my next life i'll be a huge-breasted female with areolas like that.

Looking back at it all, some might call me "confused" or "psychologically damaged" because of my past attraction to my mother and my gender identity but the thing is, i may be transgender but i'm not "confused" about my gender identity by any stretch of imagination. I want big breasts SOOO much... without implants.

Here's the other thing:

A few years ago between when i was actively posting here and now my mum would find my handwritten outlines of my incest stories and complain that it's very disturbing, even going as far as to say they would make her sick. We would argue that it's just as wrote to write it as it is to do it! NOT TRUE! It's okay to write it but it's NEVER okay to actually DO IT! It's no longer a problem though. I have my own laptop; she has hers. I keep all my stories and outlines on my laptop that no one has access to but me. There really is a difference between reading/writing about incest and/or sexual encounters involving minors and actually doing it, right? Or could it also be wrong to WRITE about it as well?
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Re: My Mom's Breasts (an 8/9-year-update)

Postby JessicaLuR » Tue Aug 07, 2018 4:41 pm

Hi breastlover4269. Let me say that I don't think that you are "psychologically damaged", at all. People have fantasies and interests and that doesn't make them bad or damaged. I don't think your "incest fetish" is a problem. I just read something saying that "incest porn" is the top searched for porn. That seems like it is a common fantasy. And you are right: thinking about something, writing about it, there is nothing wrong with that, at all. My therapist has me write, all the time and sometimes I write things that are disturbing (pretty much everything I write is disturbing to others, but sometimes they are even disturbing to me!). It helps me and lets me see things that are "outside" of me. Also, I am sorry that you won't be able to have the things that you want (body-wise), but that is true for many people (I have a lot of ideas about my breasts, but they probably will not ever be the way I want them). You seem like a good person. I wish you all the best!!!
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Re: My Mom's Breasts (an 8/9-year-update)

Postby Snaga » Sat Aug 11, 2018 5:21 am

Hello and welcome back to the forums.

You may have noticed that the thread you referenced has been locked, it's been locked for quite some time. Fetishes are off limits, since the closing of our Paraphilias forum back in 2015. As a result of the closing of that forum, any paraphilia, including fetish, can no longer be the main subject of a post anywhere on Psych Forums, only ancillary information to some other issue. As a result this thread is being locked.

Your original thread was permissible at the time, but is no longer a subject which may be addressed.

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