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Please I need some feed back

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Please I need some feed back

Postby Forest Gump » Fri Nov 25, 2005 5:30 pm

I am not quite sure where to post this, I don't know what fits,

I picked the name because at the moment walking is just calming my soul and I feel like forest gump, today I must have walked over 20 miles in the wilderness, just aimless.

My Stepdad says I am recking his Life with my Mum, because of my Mum's over protectiveness of me, My Mum will only goto my Stepdad's (they live apart) if he drives her in my car so I have no transport and so it's harder for me to go out.

My Mum prefers me to be in when she's out, she's a good person, I was just badly hurt as a kid, and she worries so much.

I'm an adult in years but my whole life I have been so protected that I have a lot of fears about being out and about, I have broke free, but some really bad things have happened.

Sometimes I feel it's just easier to let My Mum and my stepDad have my car and go out and for me to just stay in incase my Mum wants to call and see if I am okay, but sometimes this makes me feel like a pet caged bird.

But what really got to me, was that my mum will still not go to my Stepdads, and he blames me for this, he says I am controlling but honestly from the bottom of my heart I want her to go and them to have fun, and I tell mum she should go, but she won't.

And he keeps telling me it's my fault, so I just had enough

And the last two days I just went out walking not saying where I was going or what I was doing, I told mmy Mum I loved her, and loved spending time with her and wasn't not inviting her through any meaness, but that i did not want to control her life, so i went out walking with my dog all day.

I know you could say walking in the wilderness is not the safest thing to do, but on the other hand you never see a soul. so it feels safer than cities, and I love the wildlife, and the beauty.

The trouble is though, my Mum just went to bed, all day, so she is still not going to my step dads.

i just don't have an answer for all this

My Mum loves my Stepdad, i want her to be happy, me and him are like chalk n cheese, but i can be polite n friendly thats not a problem, we have tried to be closer, but I feel bad every time he turns nasty on me, so now I would rather keep my distance and just be polite

any ideas anyone
Forest Gump


Re: Please I need some feed back

Postby imNotwhoIam » Mon Dec 07, 2009 6:10 am

Hey! don't worry too much about it... your mom's thoughts are her own and you can't control them. Regardless of what they think, you should be free to do what you want. If walking around makes you happy, do it more often. There will always be risks, but a life without risks, isn't really a life at all.
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Re: Please I need some feed back

Postby Butterfly Faerie » Mon Dec 07, 2009 5:22 pm

This user wrote this in 2005, try not to bump topics this old. When it's in black (the username) means he is no longer on the site.

Instead of responding to posts that are older then this year please start a new topic as most users won't be back to see it.

Butterfly Faerie
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