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many years...

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many years...

Postby pink_girl » Sat Oct 08, 2005 9:44 pm

I have lived with seperation anxiety, first of all I couldnt be without my mum and then it changed and I couldnt be without my close friends. Now I'm just confused

I have seen 3 psychologists.

They all say that I wont be "someone who takes risks in life"


Being alone!

Postby Entangled » Sun Oct 09, 2005 3:31 am

Think about this phrase and tell me what you think.

I am and I can't be with anyone for a week!

YOU have anxiety, my lady?

Welcome to the world of anxiety....step right up and, find...a forum of all types of people with anxiety and all their might to help you!

You have found one, Entangled...cause I'm entangled in my problems...but, I like helping people. I feel good when I can make a difference!

Shall we meet,

Hello, I am Entangled, and I have OCD (anxiety disorder), With Generalized anxiety and sever depression. You are asleep...cause you said mum...which is british and you must me over seas. I have English blood in me? I do.

I ramble...it's me?

Nice to meet you!

First of all, do me a favor? Take a few breaths..deep ones and read what I say.

You have an anxiety disorder. You need to be around people. It is very important that you have people around you. As long as you have them, you feel comfortable. If you don't...you feel sick or bad...nervous...


See? I know that...but, only in my way? So, if you think I know what you'r going threw, KNOW? If they do...They are wrong.

You are uneque and have value...how do I know?

We have similar areas of what we call problems...and, you have a soul and, so do I, pink_girl, think you are bad, crazy or strange?

If anyone says that..I'd be happy to hit them with my sniper bow...the arrow is reasonng...so who is it that you are afraid of...

More people...I have friends...all with sniper bows with "reasoning" on the tips.

Isn't tha cool...does it make sense.


Cause it doesn't happen in our society and I know that very well. so does everone on this sight!

NOw that we had fun..down to business...

Seperation anxiety...straight forward...You don't like being alone.

Funny...I'm the opposite...I love being alone? How can I be like that? Interesting?

OK..psychologists are as good as there own humanity...which means you can question them, if you like?

You seem to know what's wrong...what do they say is right?

OK...What I say is subjective and is not preffesional...just so you know..I will try to be objective but my feeling will be in what I say.

First...find a person you can trust!

This person must might expectations.

1. You are afraid to be alone.
2. You want to be friends.
3. They must be friends, too!
4. They must acceptyou..not understand...just accept.

You see...between you and me...I can understand, in ways.. but, what about this friend?

This friend must meet all areas.

Your friends expectations and behavior:

1. Be your friend
2. He/she must not ever...ever..try to solve your problems.
A. IF a person becomes friends and wants to do this? They have there own problems...and they can't solve yours.
3. When you are reaqdy, allow them to be on your own..but, be a glance away...for you don't like to be away.
4. This person helps you for a goal. The goal is... be on your own and realize...that....

I stop there...got your attention? Do you know why?

I was in a similar situation. I never was alone...I was with parents and thena marraiage that died in ten years and was kicked out and found a place to stay and moved in.

I worked that day..knowing...I wasn't coming home to my wife..ex-wife..10 years of marriage. I went home and...the place was exactly as I left it. A couch and water... a small cooking range and toilet, lavatory and shower.

It was mine...all mine.

After work, I made it homely and threw out the boxes and just lied down on my couch/bed...I looked outside...same stuff...I went back in...same stuff...

After a rocky sleep..woke up..same stuff..nothing changed

I worked and was about to go "home", when I realized..."I have to go straight to where my apartment was...I opened it...the same...It never changed..my TV was there...My stereo..Even my turtle..who is 17 years old now...still there...

I was exhausted...and fell to sleep on the couch at 6 AM... I didn't have to work...I opened the door...it was same as i saw last time. Coffee was on and had a cup. I could smellMY OWN coffee...and just sat on the stoop...nothing was different.

Mail came..answers needed help..got a phone line and worked on the problems...to be solved...and looked out my door...the same!

What I am saying...when you do decide to seperate from anxiety..nothing changes..except you...

But, that isn't easy..is it?

So, you have come to the right place at the right time!

Welcome to the forum...cause many peo0le are here...but, the good ones are looking for you and want to help?

Can I be one?

This man was sexually assaulted (rape) and has OCD...yikes!

"It literally turned my life around!"

He worked in a Pyschiatric Hospital as a Nursing's Aid for 5 years.

He was also a patient on a few occasions for suicide, too.
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