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Hate being away from my husband

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Hate being away from my husband

Postby Helen2891 » Sun Oct 21, 2018 1:42 pm

Hi there,

Really need some help. My husband goes down to see his family (they live in Eastbourne and we live in Farnborough) and it really upsets me no matter how long he goes down there for, as I hate being alone and not having him with me all the time. I continuously cry everyday until the day he comes back and I struggle to sleep and also eat. He tells me that I’ll be ok etc but it don’t help the matter as he doesn’t understand that I get very upset when he goes. I know I can’t stop him seeing his family but it just really upsets me every time he goes without me.

What can I do to make this better for me, as we just end up arguing almost every time he goes away.
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