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I'm new to this... help :)

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I'm new to this... help :)

Postby daized » Sun Apr 23, 2017 11:16 am

Hi everyone!
I was diagnosed with ASAD a few days ago, so I thought signing up to a forum might help me manage things.
I've been in a relationship with the most amazing guy for the past three years, but I can't let him go anywhere or do anything without his phone on him. If he doesn't answer his phone, I get panic attacks, crying fits, and severe spells of aggression. I'm having counselling to manage all of this.
I've also recently started a course of citalopram which seems to be taking the edge off for the moment.
The world of anxiety is such a lonely place, and I could do with finding some people who are going through something similar to me. :D
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