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Separation anxiety from almost boyfriend

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Separation anxiety from almost boyfriend

Postby Dolphinlover25 » Sun May 29, 2016 11:16 pm

Hey everyone
i have serious separation anxiety from my almost boyfriend. he's about to go away with his family for 6 weeks, where they're going the time difference between us is going to be 8 hours, we won't be able to talk as much.
which has my anxiety even higher, we talk all the time and i'm scared I'll loose him while he's away even though he is really understanding he knows about my anxiety and is really supportive. He constantly reassures me and promises he will come back.
to him i'm his baby girl he promised not to forget about me. i'm use to him always being there to talk when i need him we are currently doing long distance he's only a state away.
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Re: Separation anxiety from almost boyfriend

Postby TameQueen » Wed Nov 22, 2017 9:25 pm

I guess my first set of questions are: why do you think you'll loose him? Do you feel as if he will be unfaithful or find someone else? Are you afraid he will fall out of love or find some fault within you that he could not see previously?

My second set of questions relate to the relationship itself. What is an almost boyfriend? Does he know that you are in a relationship or have you just assumed this? Is he a friends with benefits and how long have you two been together? If you are getting this attached into the relationship how are you going to handle the much harder issues that every relationship faces?
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