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Adult seperation

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Adult seperation

Postby Reecy5476 » Fri Feb 14, 2014 2:02 am

Hi my name is Jason. I'm 37 and work for a large reputable retail store.
I started three years ago as a sales supervisor
And my store manager has been my biggest supporter
Over the three years I have been promoted
A few times. Most recently I have been promoted
To the most challenging dept. he truly has made
Me the man I am today. I have gotten very close with him.
Whenever I would have a problem with work
Or even personal he is always there to listen abd
Give advise. My biggest fear was him
Leaving and that fear came true a few days ago.
He was promoted to a much larger store but still close
By. I could not stop myself from crying uncontrollable.
I have been this way the past three days and the other
Managers and associates see this. I went to the
Emergency room yesterday and they said I need to
See my therapist. To give u a little history. I have
Always suffered from depression. I was raised by my Mom
And Grandmom and they were the best. No lost
My Grandmom three years ago. My father has never been around
Just once in a while I would see him. Now my boss
Comes into the picture and again I'm
37 he's in his early 50's. He's everything that I'm
Not... Good looking, smart confident well respected
Great spence if humor, the ladies love him. He's very
Inspirational. I wish to be just like him. I have no
Clue about sports or any of the "manly
Guy things". He is everything I want to be. Now he is
Leaving and I am going crazy. I feel I will never talk
To him again or he won't want to talk to me.
I know this is not easy on him going to a bigger store
And then I'm sure I'm making this very difficult to.
I just don't ever want to lose him as a mentor
Or friend. I guess what I always hoped for was a male figure
My life to teach me things. And be a
Protector to me... If that makes sense. I am
Do scared I screwed up and made him very
Uncomfortable. Please help!!
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Re: Adult seperation

Postby himesh2014 » Sat Mar 01, 2014 6:10 pm


Just read what you wrote and I am surprised! This manager of yours has really made you into the man you are today! Firstly Congratulations on becoming the manager!

Sometimes in life, you face challenges and if your lucky, you get support. In your case, you got the support and now your ready to move forward!

If you respect and admire your manager then make him proud! Show him how good you've become great at your job. Be an example of who he is and show him that he has done well for you.

You have come along way, Please don't give up! Be a fighter, if not for urself then for your manager!

Best of luck Jason! You can do it!
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