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is this Adult Separation Anxiety Disorder?

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is this Adult Separation Anxiety Disorder?

Postby kalley1618 » Wed Dec 05, 2012 7:00 am

i used to have serious issues separating from my mother when i was in elementary school. i'd cry and worry about her every day while i was at school and burst into tears if she wasn't there right after i got out of school. anywhere i went i felt lost unless she was with me.
but now i'm seventeen. i have a boyfriend and we've been together a very happy 10 months. but one thing really worries me and keeps me up at night. i've become dependent. i need him around every day or i'll fall into a deep depression. he recently got a job and now works 7am - 3 pm. that was a change and i had a hard time dealing with that. basically i feel lonely and scared whenever i go without him. i'm so worried that i'll suffocate him by spending so much time together, and he'll leave me for good. does anyone have any advice for me? i'd hate to lose him because i couldnt be away from him
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Re: is this Adult Separation Anxiety Disorder?

Postby EarlGreyDregs » Fri Dec 14, 2012 5:23 pm

Hi -

I think it might be worth it to try to give some thought as to why you feel this way when you're alone. To try to figure out what the underlying issue is, and then attempt to address it. Have you ever seen a therapist about this?

- EGD.
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