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My mother has become extremely hyperactive

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My mother has become extremely hyperactive

Postby J503 » Tue Aug 07, 2018 7:12 am

My mother is 53 years old, she has always been a very hyperactive woman. She is a very successful person and financially prosperous, recently receiving a big promotion. She has always excelled at everything she does. I live in a foreign country and only come back home to visit from time to time. I talk with her about 2 times a week on facetime having extended conversations, where I have her undivided attention. When I came home to visit this time, I found that she has become even more hyperactive, almost manically hyperactive at times. She frequently interrupts everyone including herself, but does complete her ideas. She has also been a bit more rude and impolite to people, which I think is more of a result of being so focused on her own things. I think an important detail is that her boyfriend of about 5 years recently moved to town and moved in with her. She also may be excited that I'm home. I worry because her mother, my grandmother, had Alzheimer's. I don't see her shift in behavior as very Alzheimer's like symptoms but any shift in her behavior is reason for concern for. me. Does any have any similar experiences, thoughts or advice to lend?
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