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Hello, I'm new to the forums

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Hello, I'm new to the forums

Postby DoShpiN » Thu May 20, 2010 6:31 pm

My name is John Smith,
I want to tell you a bit about myself, the problem I had, how I deal with it, and how I try to help people like me.

I suffered from low self esteem until last year,
when I decided that my life needs a drastic change.
It was really hard for me to get started, because I didn’t believe I can make this kind of change in my life.
I read all kinds of articles, books, tips, most of them wasn’t helpful, and only made me more depressed and less motivated.
After trying all sorts of methods, with no success, I decided to give up.

Couple of weeks later, a friend of mine introduced me to some book, about how to gain self esteem and build self confidence.
I gave myself a last push with what was left of my motivation and desire, and tried it.
It was no different than the other books at first, but after a while I started to feel a change in my mood, and in my thoughts.
I finally started to feel the change I wanted.
Of course it took time and hard work, but at the end it payed off.

Now-days, my confidence has improved significantly.
I decided I want to help people like me, people who want to change their life.
People who want to feel better with themselves.
I know how hard it is, I know how it feels, and it is why I want to help.

Please contact me, I have a lot to give, and I'm experienced in the issue.
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Re: Hello, I'm new to the forums

Postby Chucky » Fri May 21, 2010 10:34 pm

Moved to self-help books.

psychforums.com rules:

Please send me a private message if you need help with anything.
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