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Recommend book

Postby Rigby7077 » Sun Jul 02, 2017 5:29 pm

Hello all nice to meet you, anyhow I recently got audible and am kind of looking for not necessarily even a self help book maybe a psychology or science one, im schizoaffective I don't hear voices but im bipolar and I have delusions like sometimes things I think happened didn't although at least for now I can still tell whether it's real or not, anyhow what I more have a problem with is racing thoughts and being overly critical of myself and overwhelmed far to easily also im a bit disassociated from my feelings I guess? anyhow more or less looking for something maybe I can listen to on my way to work that will teach me to use the right side of brain more and the critical left side less? so I don't really know what would help im just looking for tools I can start using to maybe slow my mind and be less critical of everything I do and in general think more positively I guess ..not looking for preachy love yourself or religious stuff more actual tools I can start applying to get better if that makes any sense?
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