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How to find a job with selective mutism

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How to find a job with selective mutism

Postby Hill445 » Tue Jan 01, 2019 8:34 pm

I have selective mutism and I am currently in college. My parents want me to help pay for it so they are making me get a job this summer. I really struggle with working and communicating with others and I am not sure how I can find a job that isn't so dependent on those things. I had a part time job while I was in high school working at Dominos and it was really hard for me, I was always so anxious about going in for a shift that I would sometimes get sick beforehand. The only reason I was capable of working there was because I had a friend there that could help me out. Going back there or working anywhere else that requires that much communication with co-workers and customers really isn't an option because of how emotionally and mentally draining it was for me. I do want to be able to help pay for my eduction and be able to support myself in the future but I don't know what jobs I would even be able to do with my selective mutism. Any advise or possible part time summer jobs that I would be able to do would be appreciated.
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