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Help? Is this SM?

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Help? Is this SM?

Postby Voxei » Sun Dec 18, 2016 12:22 am


I'm a 21 years old girl, and I've been wondering if I actually might have selective mutism.

The situation that made me think and research on SM is that whenever I'm in certain conflict, and people expect me to answer questions, or give my opinion, or defend myself, or whatever, I am simply unable to speak. At all. My mind is in overrive with things I do want to say, but I can't express it, I don't think I could even open my mouth if I tried it... And this has been going on for as long as I can remember, and with anybody.

It happened often when I had "fights" with my mom (mainly she screamed at me and I never answered, ending up running in my room... then everything would be back to normal after a while), or when teachers wanted me to explain them my behavior (I was not the most sociable kid in school) or answers questions in class. It hapenned very recently with a friend who was very angry at me, and all I could have said to make everything better was like "I understand and I'm sorry, I'll be more careful from now on" but she only got more and more upset because I couldn't say a single word as she practically talked at me.

So yeah, I don't if it could be selective mutism, because it really only happens in conflict as far as I noticed.

I am a bit on the shy side, and this friend of mine practically talks in my stead everywhere we go, so people kind of mainly speak to her even when they're asking me a question. So when we end up speaking with people who don't know us as we are, my friend for example wishes a good day to the other person and they only respond to her, so I remember that they're not used to our duo, so I'm thinking I should also wish them good day to no sound impolite, but in the end not a sound comes out...

Okay this post is really longer than I anticipates... sorry for that.

Anyway, anyone care to tell me if it could be SM or if it's just me?

Thank you all and have a good day/evening/night!
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Re: Help? Is this SM?

Postby caughtinafray » Sun Dec 18, 2016 4:43 pm

I would like to be more helpful, but we can't provide any opinion on the chance that other users have a mental disorder of any sort. You'll have to meet a qualified practitioner in person. Remember though, they see all different patients for all different reasons, so don't feel the need to hesitate, it's a question worth asking!

I actually wonder that myself, if I had SM in childhood and perhaps still have residual effects to this day. Through the "coming of age," it most often diminishes either entirely, or to where the effect is of negligible concern. However, it is possible for adults to experience it at a problematic degree. When I was a child, I would sometimes simply not respond to people because I felt as though I just physically wouldn't be able to. I literally couldn't imagine it. Even today, I have trouble saying my own real name, and sometimes others' names to. It gives me this feeling quite similar to embarrassment; irrational as it may be, it happens anyway.

Remember what I said, it's worth it to seek professional help whenever it seems needed.
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Re: Help? Is this SM?

Postby Killuminatimj » Tue Dec 20, 2016 7:40 pm

Dont think its SM if its only when youre in that emotional state, unless youre just really high functioning. It sounds like its deffo to do with anxiety though so keep reflecting and see if you ever notice other symptoms
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