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Postby gssSwan » Wed Jan 09, 2019 8:23 am

Hello. I've never posted here before but I've been obsessed with something for a few years and felt it pertinent to mention here where people might be likeminded.

The topic at hand is the topic's name. The book by James Joyce that is long thought of as one of the most difficult books to read in all of literature. But I never felt that way when I first picked it up a long time ago. I think somebody with that strange type of mind that links things together unconsciously, and finds the strange humor in it, can feel at home within these pages. Word after word is puzzle after riddle after joke, but in order to understand it (in the sense of getting a general sense of the story and the meanings behind the world; there's no way somebody could understand everything within this book), you have to have an abnormal proclivity towards this skill of connecting seemingly unrelated things through very absurd reasonings.

I was diagnosed a while after I first picked up the book, though I'd contest the diagnosis myself. At least wherein it doesn't necessarily cause me major distress or keep me away from a fruitful life. But I digress, and now I'll digress again. I'd known about Schizotypal PD and the schizotypy continuum for some time, and certainly consider myself more slanted towards the -phrenia side than the normal side on it. And when I began reading the book, I thought that others in that similar level and perhaps to more severe levels might enjoy it in the same way I do---as opposed to someone who may not be able to easily form those connections, that is, which seems like a much less entertaining way to read the book.

I believe that ability to see connections where others see no relation is partially responsible for the alleged enhanced creativity of some schizotypal/schizophrenic/higher on the schizotypy continuum individuals. And that ability lends itself to us, or at least me, when I enjoy the book. I've read it a few times, and I heavily recommend it.
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