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How to Improve Motivation to be Productive?

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How to Improve Motivation to be Productive?

Postby savavdpeas » Mon May 03, 2021 1:29 am

How do I improve my motivation to study? I am taking an online class in the fall, and I am hoping I will have the motivation to actually follow through with it and see it out for the entire semester. I have taken three online classes since the Spring 2019. But then over the past year, I have been tampering with my medication regimen, with my psychiatrist's approval. As a result, I had to drop out of school. I just could not do it anymore. But now that I have given myself more time to adapt to my modified medication regimen, perhaps I will be able to go back to school in the Fall 2021. I just hope I am fully adapted to my new Olanzapine dose by the time school starts.
Diagnosed: Schizophrenia, Social Phobia
Medications: Olanzapine 25mg, Escitalopram 20mg
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