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Thoughts upon intuition and What is a Thought

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Thoughts upon intuition and What is a Thought

Postby kimsuo87 » Sat Feb 27, 2021 10:49 pm

A thought is defined as a natural part of the brains functional mechanisms, a part of the human experience we think therefore we are, intelligence and the depths of feeling and personality are thought to come from our innate ability to be able to function the formation of thinking, it's supposed to be directly from the mind, many culminated synapses firing off at lighting speed a second.

Most people including psychiatrists mistakenly presume that every conscience thought including the ones that are quite troubling to some suffers as a vocal entity speaking or acquiring the use of known understandable language to be able to complete the functionality of thinking, so a byproduct is a newly pronounced thought, of which was form by the use of words.

Now what's of value to think about is every time you move your arm to reach out to pick something up or walk moving your legs, switch your glance at something in the middle distance, have you ever heard your mind or brain's process of producing thoughts. Or would this be a mainly silent affair?

What's termed as sub-vocalization or self-talk can be misconstrued as the thought itself, where it's just your inner dialog of which most of us have.

Another example of this would be dreaming or imagining a new idea or gaining insight into a problem or puzzle-like say math's, Intuition is a good place to start as its messages are direct and emotionally clear for interpretation of the meaning, as when the penny drops it rarely announces its self out loud, so you subvocalize it afterward.

So, would it be fair to say that if most actual bodily thoughts are of nonvocalized manner either instinctive or of emotional basis how reasonably could we have a thought disorder when most are nonvocal entities?

Would it be possible to recreate upon a 24/7 year campaign of harassment by hidden perpetrators, or would there be another explanation?

The mind can be a puzzling thing, as impact or trauma can psychical change your brain's functional synapses, though other noticeable symptoms would be apparent.

In short, we need to examine what is a thought, would it necessarily be of vocalized consistently, how do we use learned associations as a guide to defining the meaning of cognitive processing, and how to identify if the reading of information has become skewed.

I think this might prove insightful.
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