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For the voice hears

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For the voice hears

Postby jaferr070 » Sat Feb 06, 2021 10:29 pm

The voices we hear have us running on fumes. It seems like we can not escape them. I say the world does not stop why should we. The voices do not let up but why do we think we should give up on progressing in life. I hear voices they tell me all types of things like “your ugly” “we are Satanists” “we can see you” “we know what you did”. I try to tell them yeah right I did nothing wrong. But they insist they got me “I’m the bad guy”. I have wondered why people with this condition worry about these voices, it is like they will get them, I have felt them I have seen them (closed eye hallucination). They can’t really do anything. If you would like me to tell you how I handle them I would love to tell you what work for me. I have experienced people in line behind me tell me horrible things, you may think it is the individual saying it but its not it’s the voices. I have learned that they want you to stop progressing in life. I have heard many things about them from other schizophrenics that they are angry, they are broken, they are miserable. I am not here to make you worry but to clear things up. This is a journey for me I only want to educate people on how to handle them. I feel like I have a savior complex I always want to rescue those being trampled on by those who have the advantage or who are in the high places. I am not here to talk about what went wrong but what to do with what we got. We all have been through hearing voices. What I noticed are key components in each schizophrenic’s story that can help to manage are symptoms or these voices. What you know can help so I say share what you know about them in this forum.
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