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An explanation of hate crimes by request of my voices

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An explanation of hate crimes by request of my voices

Postby swilliams » Sat Jan 16, 2021 3:43 am

Recently I have deduced what orthodox clinicians would reject, but my voices have in the past month or more, failed to repudiate or reject. This seems to be a first for them, with the repugnant hatred and indifference that leads them to hate crimes resulting in multiple *mod edit*, given their expertise.

They (he) said, and I know this mans name, "*mod edit*, I *mod edit* (presided over) a young man last night. He was being berated, and hated as usual, and he was in tears when he undertook to *mod edit*. He was crying solidly as he died, falling asleep eventually for the last time". (I have had to paraphrase this quote. I can't quite remember *exactly* what words he used). I cannot accurately recall the request he (the voices) made of me, but I recall the import of his request, so I say this. And as usual, this is absolutely implausible and entirely impossible to anyone that does not have schizophrenia, rejected by clinicians, but obviously correct to those that live with the experience of hearing voices.

I have deduced that the voices are humans, but/and they are humans that have a syphilitic type infection - Parent disease: Sexually transmitted infection - causes: Treponema pallidum. In addition to this, they have a personality type the responds affirmatively to cruelty, peer (not group) pressure, pseudo narcissism, and the common human need for distinguishment by elevated self appraisal.

However, what happens that leads these people to become perpetrators, is that they live and believe they thrive, in circumstances that they find unexpected and refuted. Their loyalty as bretheren makes them unprepared, and in denial, when confronted with the realisation (and especially coming from me), that they are subject to the same infractions that they use to hate and hurt innocent schizophrenics. But rather than imposing (perpetrating) the acts and simultaneous omissions that cause shaking, crying, terror, hate crimes, twitching, sweating, agony, hot flushes, rimming and so on and so on, their bretheren allies 'zone' them on the sly through similar acts of betrayal that they commit to schizophrenics.

Their temporary group members (temporary cohorts of bretheren), 'zone' them with whatever it is they do to schizophrenics, 'zone' them with things that cause hatred, violence, violation, enmity, anger, indifference, and other effects that result in them enacting the most savage and vicious behaviour against schizophrenic victim.

They do not realise, or as I have found, even suspect, that the larger proportion of their essentially criminal acts that they perform against their schizophrenic victims, are due to the fact that their 'friend' has 'zoned' them through what they call "a secret communication channel" and done a deed to their brain that makes then act the way they do.

It is just like what the movies and press say about being in the mafia. You do these petty criminal sh&^ like rob someone, or rip off the contents of a truck to begin with. But then in time you have to wack someone. So you end up *mod edit*. And it crosses your mind that some day, unless you continue to do the crimes demanded of you, you might get wacked yourself. But like in the military, the human condition leads you to live in the ongoing moment that it will not happen to you.

But these people, who are as thick as thieves, go along forcing their schizophrenic victims *mod edit*, or not, know they can not get caught (in the legal sense of the word), and often end up proud of their ability to mutilate both psychologically, psychiatrically, and physically, their victims, never expecting or realising, that their prowess and activities, are to a greater or lesser extent, due to the fact that they are being acted against in a same but different way.
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