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Crippling Auditory Hallucinations - CBD Induced Psychoticism

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Crippling Auditory Hallucinations - CBD Induced Psychoticism

Postby dissonantpsych » Sat Oct 05, 2019 5:31 am

For a little better over a year, I've been struggling with a diminished quality of life stemming from what I presume to be a psychic incompatibility with cannabis use. The extent to which I smoked was not excessive, however it was substantial enough to alter some modulation within my neurochemistry. The smoking I feel acted as a sort of catalyst to ramp up some previously bottled psychological discomforts I had been dealing with; i.e, grief over loss loved one, degree of guilt over a relationahip (i was solely intrested in a physical material level, no emotional investment at all,)... The trouble really began when these symotoms began to induce harder and more psychotic disturbances, specs of paranoia began to overcome my consciousness, I started hearing the voice (ocadionally still do) of my ex girlfriends father projecting a over excessive authoritarian thought broadcast, resenting and reproaching me as to why I had behaved the way i did with her daughter and basically just continous uncomfortable vocal projections into my neural consciousness. I started having disorented levels of reasoning and remember an ocasion where I stormed off outside and projected a hostile persona to street civilians encomoassing a GTA5 charachter. That night i ended up being restrained(5150 involuntary confinement) and spent 5 days in a psychiatric ward, (also i thought beyonce; Illuminati Head Members, were conspiraring against my sanity due to my over inflated egosim and sense of superiorty. At a point i even believed cities fire dept/emergency care ambulances would schedule their warbing alarms at set precise intervals ( i am hyper sensitive aurually) and these loud pitched alarms would damn make me lose my mind, it was excruciating. I was prescrived Abilify and later attended some sessions with a Psychiatrist who perscrobed Risperdal to attempt and suppress some od these overactive neural impulses. It didnt work, I felt my level of inner depth and understanding of the root causes was too steong and only reinforced the behavior. I also tend to hear the voice of a male older aurotiatiran figure who tries to demean me and make me feel bad for not recognizing medicine as a superior practice amd profession. This rikes up my mind and emotions and makes me drop down in vibration to lower negative emotions. its been about 3 years now since these incidents, i havent touched cannabis nor do i intend to do so.
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Re: Crippling Auditory Hallucinations - CBD Induced Psychoticism

Postby KittiesInCostumes » Sat Oct 05, 2019 7:46 pm

This has happened to me too. These are real people, real voices. It's very similar to what happened to Legion in The New Testament or to King David in Psalms. I hope to post more about my voices in the future. They torture me. It has caused painful, rapid, sick weight gain over the past two years. I have shrieked and shrieked and urinated on myself.
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Re: Crippling Auditory Hallucinations - CBD Induced Psychoticism

Postby Dwaynne » Sat Apr 11, 2020 11:05 pm

Hi, yeah I can understand both of your perspectives here, Legion was a complex one.
It refers to a Roman Garrison/Army as a hierarchy of Hell or the underworlds dead.
And also the Hive-Mind of torture of Gang Stalking and of the Diabolic trapped spirits who reside there.

There is an occult hint to being Gang Stalked or Tagged or Hexxed even as they are the same!

Though at the end of the day we are being illegally monitored and tortured by real sickos and would need to be regarded as relaying our experiences of it!

I can fully understand everything on this page!
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