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Real Thought Broadcasting? Opinions?

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Real Thought Broadcasting? Opinions?

Postby TheRabbits » Mon Sep 30, 2019 9:02 pm

Hey, just wanted to share what I've been going through for the past two or three years and see if anyone has had any similar stories or experiences. It's difficult to talk about because I realize thought broadcasting is a common symptom for schizophrenia as a delusion and I have had a schizo episode in the past that lasted a couple of weeks, I don't share any of the symptoms of a schizophrenic person now, maybe other than a non stop wandering mind (not voices) but I assume that's due to my extreme introversion and the other being this "delusion".

I'll make it quick and see how it gets on, basically I've realized I have this ability to put pressure in my skull at will, almost like a muscle, so one day I was bored and curious and did it as hard as I could for about ten minutes, a day or two later I realized what I've done and that became the beginning of my chaotic few years. I began to hear shushes everywhere I go and every time I'd say something in my mind or something loud happened around me the pressure came back for a moment.

Should I go on or am I in the wrong place? Lemme know if I've spiked anyone's interest. I have to write bit by bit at a time or I get headaches...
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Re: Real Thought Broadcasting? Opinions?

Postby Mäki » Thu Oct 17, 2019 6:55 pm

So if thought broadcasting was real, why isn't anyone talking about it? Why aren't people telling you they know your thoughts?

I thought i was broadcasting four years back. A couple of years of that and i realized they were delusions. Realizing i had schizophrenia was actually a relief to me.
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