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Can't Understand and Fear of People

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Can't Understand and Fear of People

Postby HotPepper » Fri Aug 30, 2019 3:24 am


What's wrong with me?

I have problem understanding people and I fear people. I try to avoid direct eye contact with people because it makes me feel unease. There is some kind of fear I have when I look at people's eyes directly so I try to look aside.

Regarding not understanding people. I have tough time at work because when people explain to me something I have trouble understanding them. I hear them, but their words do not stay. When I am given directions at work and there are several things to remember, I forget them right away. I cannot hear them but cannot focus on what they are saying.

Also, often I do not hear right what people say to me so I have to re-ask once and even twice. If I still understand, it makes me feel very uncomfortable and I do not bother to ask again. I fear people get angry with me asking them constantly. So I just tell them "Understood!" even if I did not understand because I fear the embarrassment. I tend to avoid such situations and I tend to stay away from people because I do not want that embarrassment to happen.

Due to what I said above, I am unable to work. I had to quit my job recently after working 1 week.

Can anyone tell me what is wrong with me?

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Re: Can't Understand and Fear of People

Postby CityMouse » Fri Sep 13, 2019 8:55 pm

My psychiatrist said that three weeks ago, I kept giving a delayed response and seemed to have trouble concentrating, which she said was thought blocking. You might need meds.
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