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I am newly diagnosed and looking for any insight?

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I am newly diagnosed and looking for any insight?

Postby Leslieslsa23 » Wed Jun 26, 2019 5:22 pm

I have bipolar, severe anxiety, and now I’ve been diagnosed as schizophrenic (so I guess technically schizoaffective) But my bipolar has been pretty well controlled. As I write this I am actually feeling pretty decent. No hallucinations or delusions and my thoughts seem semi clear. Though if I went somewhere I tend to believe that everyone is staring at me or giving me dirty looks and laughing behind my back or going to purposely run me over with their car, etc. I have some mild visual hallucinations some days. And sometimes I will be outside and start slapping myself all over because I’m convinced I can feel bugs all over me. I am also convinced there are fingerprints on my car and someone has been touching it. I am nearly obsessed about that. I tend to get worse by night. Then my thoughts get all jumbled and for some reason I get severely agitated and angry because of it. And I didn’t used to be an angry person. I also start randomly spacing out and just staring at the same thing for a minute or so but seem to have no thoughts in my head at all. Then other times I get overwhelmed with the thoughts. I almost feel like I’m going into another dimension and I’ll never come back and it disturbs me. I am going to try taking my medication earlier in the evening so I am covered for the evening because that seems to be my worst time. I just can’t think anything through anymore. I sometimes almost feel like I’m not “there” entirely. I know my medication helps but I’m experimenting as to exactly what time to take it. Is all of this normal? I am under a doctors care by the way, we are waiting on a genetic test to see which meds would be best.
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