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The hypocritically perplexed induced paranoid schizophrenia

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The hypocritically perplexed induced paranoid schizophrenia

Postby cyfur » Mon Jun 24, 2019 1:53 pm

Yo people
heads up from India
I've bin diagnosed for paranoid schizophrenia under the pretext that these Indians do not have an espionage on me inspite of the fact it Bing all true ... My phone's bin tapped . My house Bing bugged and being brocasted into others houses jz cz they can see me n my wife when we're "AT" it . Have heard them shaggin On how they see us play mommy n daddy . My livelihood/occupation is Bing interfered unnecessarily . My folks my bro my wife play on both sides where the other side is the influence against me and hv helped these people manipulate my reality . I've bin followed by everyone everywhere Everytime . Been non verbally threatened to gang rape me and my wife by the same people under this espionage .and this is just happening for over half a decade now ... They've spiked my food ordered online . Friends come over to my place and talk sick about how I score my wife .my physical and mental disorders are induced by them and are being used against me . I'm categorised as a fugitive from this sick cultured people .
So hv become reclusive dissociative as there's no rehab that can cure me as I havta unbearably rehabilitate me to return back to the same $#%^ again .
The shrink and councillor jz insist on ignorance n advise to the prescription pills .
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Re: The hypocritically perplexed induced paranoid schizophrenia

Postby 1peace » Mon Nov 30, 2020 2:02 am

Yeah, I’ve been telling everyone that it’s caused on purpose. My dad and my best friend have been terrorizing me with so many thousands of absurd, stupid visions. I wish that it would stop.
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