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Are these symptoms related with symptoms of schizophrenia ?

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Are these symptoms related with symptoms of schizophrenia ?

Postby MarioValente105 » Fri Apr 19, 2019 11:49 pm

22, male

I have the need to affirm my thoughts and beliefs on others (friends) letting then know I'm "special" or as likely capable of generating the same thoughts they do.

I often feel jealous about things some of my friends did, said or thought, as I was unable to generate these same thoughts and get the group approval.

When somebody's talking about something I feel like the person is faking and lying or that she's plotting her personal agenda and we're the "target" - sensation of conspiracy towards other people.

When I see someone crying or getting mad towards others I immediately laugh. This one happens quite often.

When I'm in a conversation with someone I tend to instinctively process an emotion faster than I can truly hear what she's saying - the emotion comes out rushed and sometimes inappropriate to the situation depicted in that conversation. Sometimes I'm emotionally flat.

I do not hear voices in my head. I do have Intrusive thoughts and sasations.

The insufficiency of my social relationships builds on the anxiety directly generated by the intrusive thoughts and memories. For example: having regretted saying or feeling a particular way in a social episode that happened 2 months ago.

I talk to myself out loud at home, on purpose, because I believe that I have something important or profound to say, I talk about themes that interest me. I remember doing this since I was very, very young, probably since 5th grade (9 years old).

When I look at a wall I see strange geometric forms, from lines to rectangles. I don't have to think about these things, they just appear in the surface of the wall and they're always the same forms.
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Re: Are these symptoms related with symptoms of schizophrenia ?

Postby Malasha » Fri Apr 26, 2019 4:06 pm

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