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The modern medical system and belief

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The modern medical system and belief

Postby zarathrusters » Sat Mar 30, 2019 4:10 am

Dear forum users,

I want to question everything. Whether or not we know it our current scientific world view is flawed and always will be until we come up with a “newer” one. We live in the age of exponential acceleration and new findings constantly cancel out the old... How can the modern medical system, which is based on the scientific theory, deal with belief which brings into question the nature of truth itself?

I am afraid I am going to be diagnosed for expressing my beliefs, be put on sturdier meds and looked down upon in general.

Does anyone experience this or similar experiences for worrying about what you believe no matter how you arrive at the truth?! I feel like what I have in my head is based off of observations but if no one else has had these observations than how am I to bring them outside myself?!

Thanks, share anything vaguely related.
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