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Does my father have paranoid schizophrenia?

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Does my father have paranoid schizophrenia?

Postby dangerous » Mon Jan 28, 2019 7:58 am

Hello friends,

I am sharing my father's condition below and hoping to get some advice from the folks here. He lives in India while I live and work in the San Francisco bay area.

My father (about 65 years old) is always thinking about one thought in his free time that that his relatives and friends are defaming him, spreading lies about him and spoiling his reputation specifically that he is a thief. Initially, he felt it was just 1 person, then slowly he felt that person 1 told person 2 and so on... and now he thinks that his entire family and all relatives think that he is a thief. When someone doesn't talk to him nicely over the phone, he will add that incident to his mental story and assume that now that person also thinks that he is a theif (some relative must have told him).

I took him to a psychiatrist about 6 months back. The psychiatrist didn't spend much time with him and quickly diagnosed him with paranoid schizophrenia. He is currently taking 3 Risperidone tablets daily (2 at bedtime and 1 in the morning).

He is retired and doesn't have much to do during the day. He doesn't have any hobbies and watches news/political talk shows to spend time. Unfortunately, my mother is no more so he has no one to share his emotional issues with. Whenever he has free time, he starts thinking about defamation.

He is very stubborn and refuses to meet a therapist. (He says that he doesn't want to share his past/long story with the therapist - I think one reason is that he thinks that the therapist will know his past and then they too will start defaming him). We have to act like a therapist to him and provide emotional support which can get draining sometimes.

I put videos on 'overthinking'/'mental health' on youtube for him and that helps him a little.

Thanks for reading my story. Any advice on how I can help him? Do you feel he was correctly diagnosed.
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