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Voices vs intrusive thoughts

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Voices vs intrusive thoughts

Postby Pandabread68 » Wed Dec 19, 2018 5:14 pm

I have SZA diagnosis and I’m wondering the difference between intrusive thoughts and internal voices.

When I’m psychotic or becoming psychotic I start to dissociate and get flooded with thoughts that talk to me. They’ll tell me super random things about how my delusions are real and last episode, they told me a random number. They’re like intrusive thoughts in that they’re not super audible and come along in times of distress and can be controlled to a degree. However what confuses me is that they talk to me like people and can sometimes be heard in different tones. I had an intrusive thought the other day and they’re always in my voice.
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Re: Voices vs intrusive thoughts

Postby Malasha » Thu Apr 04, 2019 3:56 pm

Suppose you watched a movie, you liked it, and you turn it on for a long time. Mentally, you can go back for a long, very long time, for example, to the same scene – day-two-week, month – until you get bored. This is a very interesting point, if you also long and with the same frequency returned to the same scene in the usual dialogue, people would avoid you, and in the internal dialogue is a normal process, because there must be some work done and until it is done, you will not go away from the subject. And you mentally say and say on this subject, and then suddenly realize that you lost the brightness of perception, and in these thoughts there is no more feeling and they're annoying.

Or, for example, liked the song and you start to hum it mentally. First, consciousness holds the energy of the original, to detail reproducing the nuances of the melody and the performer's voice, and then it all goes away and remains only uninteresting copy, a shadow of the music and words without a voice and without any expression. In this form, the song is not interesting, but the words appear in the memory again and again. It's really annoying. There is nothing to look for here, it is necessary to leave. If you switch to another object, then after a while the same obsessive theme will return, imperceptibly attracting your attention, and you will not even notice at once that it again entered into consciousness. And again, when you notice it, focus on it, making it clear that you've noticed and don't want to focus on the topic anymore. This is like a game. If will no longer be included one topic, will start another. But you can shut down and this topic. And so you gradually taxied to a normal way of thinking.

And again, switching attention from obsessive thoughts to the tension of the facial muscles and removing these tensions, you can go to a comfortable state for yourself.
To get away from obsessive thoughts, you can remember and reproduce mentally complex melodies.
With such differences of melody, it basically does not translate it into gray and dull bed of obsessive thoughts.
Sometimes it's just great to be resonantly included in a beautiful song and bring, mentally naturally, the singer's voice to the level of the ideal, being included in the atmosphere of the song and practically falling out of reality. Here is how to live a small bright scene, as an artist in the theater.

Voices can be turned off.
You don't have to keep the conversation with the voices. You can break it off at any time in the middle of a phrase, in the middle of a word.
Voices often create a strong inner tension, draw attention to themselves, and when you relax the muscles of the face, the voices go along with this tension.
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