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Thought Broadcasting Is Real

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Thought Broadcasting Is Real

Postby jonnyc55 » Tue Sep 18, 2018 11:24 pm

I find that to relax myself and to have my eye muscles less inflamed, I have to abide by mental behaviours and thoughts for other people. As soon as I step out of line or insult mentally, things go awry, the other person looses vibrancy and their concerns grow and they turn towards me - coercing me to surrender the negative thinking.
Like many say with this issue, here is one:
My thoughts and all five senses are transmitted to other people for real, like uncontrollable telepathy.
It is not thought-broadcasting in schizophrenia nor a delusion. People really react to what I'm thinking. Do you have any idea how to cure it?

And a reply to this was:
Well Corte, nothing can be done about it because its a reality and as time passes more people will realize the dreadful truth that we already know; I could be wrong in your case, but in mine, its certainly true.

I agree with both these guys. Also my five senses are transmitted too. Over long distance, over TV too, instantly, even past, present and future don't matter regarding recordings. It is like synchronicity. I notice this too, there is no coincidence. Bull $#%^ IMO. I went to look for a house for my sister today with my mum and we asked a stranger to help us find it as they lived in the neighbourhood and it turned out my sister knew her as my sister's friend's mum. This doesn't shock me at all. But saddens me.
This type of affair happens every time, all the time. To defy it, hurts, physically and denies emotion and better possibilities thus all humans and living creatures are compelled to follow it, but this so happens to line up with others alignment which makes coincidences. But they aren't.
Thought broadcasting, can mentally grind down other people. For the transmitters and receivers.
Rationale doesn't work. It is real. When I accept it, in order to feel normal or healthy I have to be nice to others mentally. This pisses me off to no end as it means I am not free in my mind. Healthy is having no free will.

As to the bold part well this is a very sad subject indeed, our global mental health supporters themselves will grow to know it and your family will grow more aware of their mind being a public domain and their pain will grow but will not know what is up (but will and the truth of the hive mind will hurt, a lot!) , society will in sync feel the same way (thoughts broadcast globally) and thus awareness will grow subtly. They will grow more aware that they are actually unable to insult others in their mind in full (only in partial agreement terms on the victims terms, weird but true - this is clever matrixing that avoids triggering mental landmines and allows good flow but this is a innuendo because avoidance confirms existence of thought broadcasting being a thing ). Then the high octane thought broadcasters like the schizophrenics will feel better, as the newcomers to the truth of thought broadcasting in this 'new world' are more sparing in the mind towards you. But not really! Free will is done for. Our minds aren't our havens. Things will only adjust to minimise inconvenience (another innuendo that proves thought broadcasting) to thought broadcasting but the mechanic of a private mind 100% will never be there. Any refinements by a healthy person than can matrix a way to make thought broadcasting flow well as to be unnoticeable, can always be breached again given the will power (or drugs) and the hive mind or transparent mind are revealed once again. You can never insult someone mentally without their being an effect. Healthy people are oblivious to it because they are very refined and are in fact in flow with others mental fields as not to truly hurt them - which translates to, I won't say anything bad about you in my mind, let there be easy flow. Not good enough for me that. The hive mind mechanic destroys the experience of life for me.
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Re: Thought Broadcasting Is Real

Postby ThatsWhatIthought » Wed Sep 19, 2018 5:57 pm

Like you say: Thought broadcasting is real as ###$! I've been aware of the truth for almost 4 years now. I know a whole lot about this matter. Ask me anything
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