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What My Voices Say. Not Misattribution or Subvocalisation

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What My Voices Say. Not Misattribution or Subvocalisation

Postby swilliams » Mon Sep 17, 2018 12:25 pm

17th September 2018

M: theree they go, winning again
FM?: I hope you have got cancer
S: how did you give it to me. Seems complicated
FM?: I'm not telling you
FM?: thats what I'm tellinhg you Scott
S: what?
FM?: I'm not telling you
S: has anybody stolen my window cleaning idea yet?
FM?: I'm not telling you Scott . How long do you think you'll live for
s: According to me, and I'm not a qualified medical professional, I should be able to last for the next 25 years
FM?: why do people die from cancer Scott
S: "For some people, the cancer can't be controlled anymore and spreads to healthy tissues and organs. Cancer cells take up the needed space and nutrients that the healthy organs would use."
FM?: how does that relate to you Scott
s: well, I don't actually have cancer, this is just what Ron and Julia do to my body when they feel like it. I keep telling you I am a minor stakeholder in my own anatomy. I have had worse than this. I think they are a bit rude for crippling me without askihng permission first! ... What will happen if it IS NOT cancer?
FM?: I'm not telling you ovger and over again Scott
S: how about a dose of Sagiterrius then too?!
GJ: sucked in for not havging cancer Scott, especially after making that guy paraplegic you @@@@@@@
S: havn't seen t he drivers license yet. I estimate he is about 35 years old now. If the alleged incident occurre3d say in 1982, then he would have been about 3-5 years old when it happened (and he was riding). Was he an organ donor do you know?
GJ: how can you tell it's julia
s: its hard to explain. It is the fact that I am 54 years familiar with slightly sore back muscles, and now that it is acute, I notice that the pain shoots up at the wrong time through the wrong avenues.
fm?: it is cancer Scott
S: grippy if it is!%$
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