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Confused on whether I have schizophrenia, no answer from doc

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Confused on whether I have schizophrenia, no answer from doc

Postby plindiana » Fri Aug 10, 2018 11:47 pm

Very confused about my mental illness of thirteen years. Always been very quiet and reserved since child. At 13 to 18 , would retrace steps, rewrite words so my family's souls wouldn't get destroyed. Was obsessed whether I could be in synthetic reality and that other people were not real and I was alone in the universe. Believed I might be getting signs when I would watch TV and be thinking something very specific in head and they would say it on TV shortly after. Thought this proved I was living in my own created reality since it seemed like too big a coincidence. Sounds like OCD right? But, on top of that I have severe anhedonia. No sex drive to the point of genital anesthesia, no enjoyment from hedonistic activities. Many times just sit on my bed for hours and imagine things in mind while tapping pen on page of book. Sounds like schizo right? Which one OCD or schizo, or both? Doctor's confused.
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