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Solution[maybe?] for Thought Broadcasting (transparent mind)

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Solution[maybe?] for Thought Broadcasting (transparent mind)

Postby mentalhealth34 » Fri Jul 27, 2018 3:45 pm

Thought broadcasting feels very real. I treat it as a real thing since people and the world around me react to me all the time. It never stops.

I feel far too vulnerable and exposed to speak or exercise my thoughts or alleviate myself internally with my own dialogue. I suffer because of this: Headaches, emotional dampening or loosing out on relieve.

I noticed if i wrote physical notes of my thoughts, then it is out there in the open and people and the world have to deal with it. I'm far too weak at the moment to entertain or store awkward thoughts of those around me and afar.
Making private notes of these thoughts allows for full processing of your thoughts and full processing for the people and world to deal with. It is either you suffer or let the thoughts come through in full motion with no stops. I was too weak to do this, so as for starting steps I have adopted making physical private notes of my thoughts and soaking in the consequences. It is far easier for me to manage the consequences of thoughts that are physically noted.

When I am ready and strong, I will move on to entertaining thoughts and feelings 24/7 of the time in my head and not resort to taking notes of my thoughts no more.
I will have to do this until i no longer think of the consequences of thinking awkward things - like i used to be before my psychosis. When that is acheived then i am cured of my phobia towards thinking and feeling around people and people on the TV.
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