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Postby swilliams » Thu Jul 23, 2020 2:02 pm


My voices say they are Ghosts (which I do not believe in). They use what they call "code words". Here is a selection I wrote down:

16th April 2015 1409

- who did you?
- my feelings don't belong to me
- "Scott, they killed Howards daughter"
JD: "Scott *mod edit* is innocent"
MP: "Don't do Kays website"
MP: "what's all this about, Scott"?
NNB: "Why won't anyone help?"

These are from 2017 - 2019

we are not grifters
we're not picking on maggie we're picking on someone else
the song: advance australia fair
that's julias ghost singing
that's not maggie
is pam getting raped
are going to commit suicide
what are you shaking for
will you ever run out of veins
what is your favorite color
what is my favourite color
what is his favourite color
what is rons favourite color
where is ron now
who is ron now
what is my name
why are you writing
what is my favourite color
do you care about maggie
because, just because
"their they go they are all committing suicide"
can you have maggie
what do you / i want
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