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SZPD worsen with isolation?

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SZPD worsen with isolation?

Postby aks1 » Thu Dec 01, 2022 5:32 pm

Can SZPD worsen with more isolation? I remember in 2018-2019 i had a very bad mental episode(ocd/stpd like.) I was displaying full blown SZPD traits then. Essentially living like i was homeless but with somewhere to go, very little sexual desire, did not really derive pleasure from life, nearly all flat emotions except faking when talk to people, etc. It got slightly better later in 2019(I started going out more and reconnected with ex-friends on a few occasions) but i essentially became a hikikomori after Covid.

My question is if i ever end up severely isolated(i.e. living on my own far from family, going to prison, family passing away, going without women for extended periods of time), could my symptoms worsen?

I would hate to ever become asexual/lose my desire altogether. This is possibly the scariest symptom to me.
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