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SPD and Toilet humor

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Re: SPD and Toilet humor

Postby CityMouse » Sun Sep 16, 2018 12:14 am

I HATE when people fart and laugh about it. I don't find it remotely funny, just nasty. I don't respect people who do stuff like that and some people just do it to piss others off.
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Re: SPD and Toilet humor

Postby poshlost » Sun Sep 16, 2018 8:33 am

smirks wrote:Not on it's own...not particularly.

I love farce and surrealism the most. So, you can have, say, a fart as part of farce, or you can have a surrealist fart bit and I'll laugh at those.

I stand by this. I can laugh at a fart, easily. Or any yucky thing. It just needs the right vehicle, preferably an absurd one. I'll share a short story I read recently that absolutely ruined me. I'm going by memory, but it went something like this.


A child is born. Child goes to their mother and pleads with her. Child says, 'Please, mommy! Please let me back into your womb. You must! Living hurts too much. Please!'

Mother tells child no. Her reason? 'I'm on my period.'

Fair enough.

Time passes. Child is still crying. They cry and cry and cry. Eventually they cry so much they've formed an ocean of tears. So now child is floating out there, bobbing in the ocean of tears, surrounded by their own despair. Still sad, still tired of living.

Mother finds child and comes out to them in a little rowboat. Mother reaches child and says, 'I'm not on my period anymore. But the answer is still no.'
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