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Schizoid abuse tactics reviewed!

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Re: Schizoid abuse tactics reviewed!

Postby poxalis » Thu Dec 05, 2019 6:10 pm

Jesus, why? This seems neurotic. I know when I'm a bitch and I try to be better next time. I'm not going to run down a lengthy list that breaks down all the ways I could potentially be hurtful to someone. That's asking for a bad day. Also, it doesn't seem to have any constructive purpose.
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Re: Schizoid abuse tactics reviewed!

Postby DaturaInnoxia » Wed Jan 08, 2020 7:51 am

'Out of Fog' site,
and it introduces the commonly observed abusing tactics of SPD,
which is like following.(i wrote down if my SPD bf has done it to me or not.)
write down your own opinions on each items!!

This is confusing as hell.

How is having Depression, Cognitive Dissonance, Confirmation Bias, Dissociation, Feelings of Emptiness, Hoarding, Identity Disturbance or Low Self-Esteem being abusive?

As for Avoidance, Denial, Escape To Fantasy, Imposed Isolation, Invalidation, Masking, Selective Memory and Selective Amnesia, these behaviors can all be narrowed down to survival mechanisms - not abuse "tactics"

Chronic Broken Promises, "Control-Me" Syndrome, Dependency, Neglect, Projection, Stunted Emotional Growth, Tunnel Vision can all easily be attributed to the struggles in functioning with a personality disorder - or any mental illness for that matter, but again, not a "tactic"

Furthermore, rather than being PD or mental illness specific, the following are just as common in overly emotional/hormonal adolescents (and could equivilate to the aforementioned "stunted emotional growth") as well as common in people with overall #######5 attitudes:
Belittling, Condescending and Patronizing, Circular Conversations, Entitlement, and "Not My Fault" Syndrome, and Selective Competence.

If this is actually from that website, it looks like this website has just taken every #######5 or undesirable behavior available, and lumped it under this PD.
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Re: EviL personality traits reviewed!

Postby word » Sat May 09, 2020 11:35 pm

Nobody's perfect. We all have are foibles. Looks like somebody just had a bad experience and is bitter, and needs something to lash out at. a convenient target; the dreaded 'ScHiZoid' #301.20 in the dsm =diagnostic of sinful maladies? dangerous satanic monsters? dangerous surreptitious malcontents?
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