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A Resource For Anyone Struggling

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A Resource For Anyone Struggling

Postby sirdylan2 » Thu Feb 22, 2024 5:04 pm

To anyone who needs this;

I recently read a book called “The Kid”. It’s the sequel to a book called “Push” which the movie “Precious” was based on. The book explore the thin line between perpetrator and victim through experience of an adolescent child. For so long I’ve been carrying this deep shame and regret and somehow this book empathized with me, gave me a little peace of mind. I recommend the Audiobook (Spotify, audible), but the physical works too. I wish the best for all of us!
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Re: A Resource For Anyone Struggling

Postby catnaps » Sat Mar 09, 2024 12:41 am

I think it’s important for people to realize too that they aren’t simply a label, you shouldn’t be reduced to just a ‘perpetrator’ as you are first and foremost: a Person. Every person makes mistakes, is complex, and is defined by the entirety of their life not just a single moment.
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