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Why can’t I feel shame?

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Why can’t I feel shame?

Postby Elian1 » Tue Sep 08, 2020 9:19 pm

I recently realized how I do not feel shame.

I am a perfectionist and self critical overthinker, but I can't seem to find any feeling of anxiety or shame in all of that.

I constructivly criticize myself and constantly long to be the best. I fear failure but for some reason it sounds so alien and illogical to think that your worth is effected by your action. I also care a lot about truth, so when someone says I'm worth less because of one of my flaws. I take the criticism and laugh at the stupidly of assuming it effects my worth and highlight how i can improve.

Why is this?

I do get this feeling when I relapse. This dark cloud feeling hovering over me. It's the same when I am repetitively failing or am procrastinating. I do not associate this with my worth though.
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