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Childhood, teenage horrible deeds

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Childhood, teenage horrible deeds

Postby iwanttolearn » Sun May 05, 2019 5:39 pm

From the ages of 11-13 I was under the care of an older relative, like a senior aunt. We had a close relationship, and she was very lenient and compassionate towards me. However, I had a bad habit, I used to like to touch my aunt's private parts. This is where I agree that sexual assault is about power and not about lust because I am gay, I was not sexually attracted or curious or even horny when I did those things. I touched her like it was tickling and not molesting but it still was molesting. I did it to get a shocked or evasive response from her.
I touched, but I never had sex or penetrated her in anyway. Recently, I learned that rape can include penetration by the finger/fingers. I used to "kancho" my aunt quite often. I have never removed her pants or underwear, would doing "Kancho" to someone often be considered rape? I have never seen the vagina or the anus, other than the molestation, I have never licked or kissed her in a sexual way. I have never fingered her or poked her over the pants, nor did I do it sexually, like I said it was Kancho, I just poked and went off and it was not repetitive poking. Would you consider doing "Kancho" fingering or rape?
I have never removed her clothes or bra but I used to try to unbutton her blouse (slightly forcefully) while she is awake, for her to respond, resist, and stop me, I did it for the response, I liked the struggle I guess. I can remember unbuttoning one button before she would stop me. As for the breasts, I did try and actually did touch it over the blouse but never over the bra. As for the vagina, touched over pants but over the pants and never rubbed it just touched.
When it happened, it was like poking someone, after touching for a quick second I would move on. I never used violence or threat of physical violence while doing the things. I feel a lot of remorse about it. It was wrong and still is. After 13, I have never done anything like this to anyone ever again.

-- Tue May 07, 2019 6:53 am --

Hello again, so I just checked and all of this ended when I was still 12 before I turned 13. Sorry for the mistake.
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Re: Childhood, teenage horrible deeds

Postby Snaga » Wed May 08, 2019 5:27 am

Honestly, it sounds as if you were on the naughty side of being a boy. You were probably curious, whether you knew it or not, and I don't care what your sexual orientation is, your hormones were kicking in and, well, yeah.

Was she shocked? did she laugh it off? how is she now, towards you? Have you spoken of it? It doesn't sound as if she was terribly put out, if she would let it go a little ways.

You're not that child, any longer. I think, if you still have a good relationship with her, that you ought to try and let this go.

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