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Horny Co-worker

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Horny Co-worker

Postby SYOBSYOT » Fri Jan 27, 2023 10:48 pm


So recently a new co-worker (male) has arrived in our office. He has taken a desk adjecent to mine. In our company we have a work from home policy where most of workers either work from home entirely or combined with mostly from home and rarely from office. We also have a completely flexible working hours which means we can start and finish our work day whenever we want as long as we do the job required. I do not like working from home so I come to the office every day. I also preffer very late morning and afternoon as my work time. So, this new co-worker who has taken a desk next to mine has started doing the same. He also comes to the office every day and he happens to come to the office and go home at more or less the same time I do. He asked me at the beginning when do I come to work and he started doing the same. So basically, we are together the whole work day. Also, since most of the people work from home, we are more or less alone in the office the whole day. So we have the office for ourselves, more or less. This is a closed office, on high floor, with the doors, so when I say we are alone, we really are. Nobody can see us.

What is interesting is that although he could have chosen any desk in the office, he chose to choose the one next to me. This puts him in a very close distance from me. So we spend almost whole day alone and just half of meter apart.

This is all fine, but the next section of this post is the most important.

So, recently, like a week or two ago he started doing some very interesting stuff under the desk. So, what he does is that he moves his hand under the desk and puts it between his legs. Then he gently starts moving two of his fingers (first two) in a slow but repeating motion. Exactly as if he is moving his foreskin over his penis head. I know this technique, it is quite easy to do when you have a foreskin through your pants. To do it with just two fingers by moving the foreskin.

He does this slowely for several minutes, about 5 or so, then he moves his hand on his desk and is not doing it for half of the hour, or maybe one hour, and then he does it again. The same thing, hand between legs, under the desk and slowly moving two fingrs for several minutes.

He does this every day now, several times a day.

Although, there is no pornographic content on his screen. He is looking at his monitor when he does that, but there is nothing there other than business-related stuff. He is not using his phone when he does that or anything else.

Trust me, I can see everything. I sit so close to him, like half a meter apart. Also, I do not see anything wet on his pants when he is finished nor any visual clue on his face that he is 'finishing'.

So, what do you think he is doing down there?

Is there any reasonable explaination of what he might be doing that does not involve what I think it might involve?

And I do not understand, if I am sitting so close to him that I can touch him, does not he know that I can see everything what he does? Even small and slow movements of his fingers. Does not he know that? Or does he, just he wants me to see that on purpose perhaps?

And the most important question, what do you suggest me to do about it?
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Re: Horny Co-worker

Postby Snaga » Sun Jan 29, 2023 3:53 am

Well I suppose he might be in such a habit of it, that he's not thinking about what he's doing.. I mean, I'll catch my hand 'down there'. Granted, in the privacy of home, but still, without really thinking about it or trying to stimulate myself, still, there's my hand.

Has he done any kind of flirtatious behavior? You're gay, right? Has he pinged your 'gaydar' in any way? Any indication what his sexual attractions are? Is he single?
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Re: Horny Co-worker

Postby SYOBSYOT » Mon Jan 30, 2023 3:37 am


Thank you for a reply.

Well I am not sure about his sexuality, really.

Yeap, I am very much gay, haha, and hope him to be, because he is young, hot and a very nice person.

What I know about him is that he is single, has been single for a while, has not been in a serious relationship with a girl and is not looking for a serious relationship with a girl at the moment. When I asked him about his relationship status he told me that he is taking the time, waiting for the right girl to arrive. That he would not mind being single until his late 30s if the situation is such.
So he really did not tell me anything what would indicate that he might be gay.

But he clearly wants to spend time with me since he chose to come and go from work just at the same time I do, although he could have chosen any work period of the day, or could have stayed at home in the first place. And from all of the desks in the office, he always sits to the one next to me.

But not only that. He is very nice toward me and wery sweat. He is interested in my life and likes to talk with me about anything. He likes to talk about his private life and is sharing information about his life without me having to ask. He is very talkative, especially around me.

I was talking with another (female) co-worker about this guy since she comes to the office every now and then, and we were talking about how the new guy looks like, as a person, to her. And she told me that he is very quiet, closed and does not really talk much. This was a surprising answer to me, since I noticed completely opposite behaviour. And after that I started paying closer attention to interpersonal relationship in the office, and it is really true that he really is not so talkative and open and sweat toward everyone. He is really only such with me. I noticed he mostly says just hello and bye to her during the whole work day at those rare days she or someone else is in the office with us. Also, when someone else is around, not just with them, but he is also less talkative with me. He does talk, just mostly official, business-related stuff. But when we are alone, he is more casual and talks about everything, he plays music and so.
Especially when we go to the lunch together. If we are alone, he almost can not stop talking, haha. :D
He can talk for an hour if necessary.

He also is often trying to be extra sweat toward me. For example, he is often volunteering to do something for me, to bring me stuff, for example. Like, if he is going to the store to buy himself a snack, he asks me if I want him to bring me something. If he is going to a bakery, he asks if I want him to buy me some bagels or something. If he is just going for a walk in the building he offers to bring me some juice or something like that from the machine. Heck, even if he is going to the toilet, he asks me if I want some water, haha. :D

And although in my company we can have as many breaks as we want and they can last as long as we want, so, like, I can go to a lunch at 1 o clock and be back at 3 o clock and nobody cares, despite that, he always informs me when he will be back. So, he says like, "I am going to the store; I will be back in 10 minutes; Do you want me to bring you something, coke perhaps?" or he says "I am going to the toilet; i will be back in 2 minutes", or "I will be back in 10 minutes", hahahaha. So, basically I know when he goes to pee and when he goes to poo (or when he goes to finish what he started under the desk, if that is what I am thinking it might be :wink: :wink: ), hahah.

And he really does not go to breaks much. He rarely goes to any break longer than 10 minutes. Usually, he goes on a 2-3 minute break 2-3 times in a day and that is it. So, he is really spending the most of the time he possibly culd, with me. Also, when other colleagues ask him for a lunch, he rarely goes. Sometimes he does, but in 90% of cases he does not. As opposed to when I ask him, where in 80% of cases he does go, and in 20% he does not.

He is also pretty much gentle person, not too macho, really. He likes pets, especially cats very much and he likes to pet them so often. He even sleeps with his cats.

He is also talking so much about his life, he is often showing me pics and videos of events from his life, like videos of him playing with his cats.

He has also shown some signs that he cares about me. He is telling me things like "Try not to work too late today", or "Do not forget that your bus goes at 8pm; do not be late" or "Sorry to hear about problems with your mom..."... And so on. So he really looks like he is taking an interest in my life and is really listening to what I am saying.

He often offers me to bring me some stuff from home, like some food he is having, especially one which is not common in this part of the country, since his family is originating from another part of the country and is having some food which is not so common in this part of the country on their menu often.

Not to mention that we are having fun, telling jokes, teasing eachother a little throughout the work day. He is also calling me by my nickname.
But he is really trying to be super nice to me, he never said anything bad or mean to me. He also, when I suggest that we do something accepts that proposal right away, and so on.

So, all in all, he has shown a lot of small signs of affection and that he likes spending time with me. But he has never told me directly anything that could indicate that he is into me and that he wants something with me, nor he has ever tried to do something.
So, I am unsure, it might be that this is just the way he is, that this is just the person he is; just, if so, the I do not understand why he is not like that with everyone, but just with me.

He has his ear pierced, I have heard that some people consider this to be a sign of someone being gay, but I do not really believe in that.

I looked him up on social media, and I found a more than a decade worth of the material to look throught, but I did not find a clear indication of anything. In more than a decade, he never posted a picture or a post that would indicate that he is in a relationship with a girl, but also, he never posted anything what would be a clear sign of him being interested in boys either.
So, after going through a decade worth of his posts on social media, I am back to where I started. I am neither more inclined into thinking that he might me gay nor to thinking that he might be straight. There are just as many pics of him being with girls as are of him being with boys. So, nothing I can conclude from there.

I mean, I would understand that if we are close like this but if we knew eachother for many years. Then this could mean we just know eachother good and are close, but, this guy, I only met him a few weeks ago. I have never seen him before that, so, we become pretty close pretty fast.

So, I am not really sure about him, but, this under-the-desk-game is what got me into thinking.

And yes, this usually happens when he is doing something what requires him to be concentrated and when he is deeply focused on something. So this might be just his brain subconsciously trying to relax or something.
But not always, this does not happen allways when he is deeply into his thoughts. One day we were just talking about regular stuff, nothing too intelectual, and he was with me sitting on my desk watching stuff we were talking about on my monitor, and he was still doing it with his hand under my desk.

So, although this does happen mostly when he is thinking about something alone for some extended period of time, it is not allways the case. I could understand perhaps that he needs to relax a little when he is working on some hard problem for a while, he might be focused so much on that that he does not really realize what he is doing and that he is not alone, but then why would he be doing it when talking about some regular stuff with me. He was sitting with me behind my desk and watching some tech-related article on my screen. He was so close that his arm was touching mine, practicly, and he was still doing it.

I could understand the story of being too focused and forgetting that he is not alone. But talking with me and doing it while being so close to me that his arm is almost touching me, that is something what is just too strange for me to consider this to be an accident. I must say that it looks like to me that he does that on purpose.

I am not sure about him, but I certainly am very much aroused when I catch him doing that. :D :D

Or maybe he just has crabs? :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
That would most certainly explain this, hahah.
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Re: Horny Co-worker

Postby SYOBSYOT » Mon Jan 30, 2023 3:41 am

By the way, I like your nickname; "snaga" means "power" in my native language. :D
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