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My Parents Are Trying To Seize Control Of My Money.

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My Parents Are Trying To Seize Control Of My Money.

Postby harmonica » Tue Oct 12, 2021 2:56 pm

I had no idea which board to post this on, so if this is the wrong board, I apologize.

But basically I want to get into a career as a film director, and have decided to make my own feature film after saving up a lot of money. But people think I am crazy for wanting to do this, and everyone is telling me absolutely not to.

But now since then, and now that I am closer to getting the ball rolling, the pressure for me to quit is so much higher, and I feel like everyone is just at my legs trying to pull me away. Even my parents think it's a huge mistake and waste of so much money as the movie will never sell. They think I have gone insane, and are trying to seize control of my savings, cause I am mentally unfit.

I understand they care and they mean well, but what can I do to get them to be more supportive. If I lose it all, then I am back to square one, but what can I do to make them see that it may be a necessary risk?
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Re: My Parents Are Trying To Seize Control Of My Money.

Postby Snaga » Thu Oct 14, 2021 1:01 am

Unless they somehow declare you incompetent, how can they hope to do this?

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