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Not sure where I stand

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Not sure where I stand

Postby ciare » Mon Mar 30, 2020 4:24 pm

I was seeing a guy who has Asperger's for about three months until he told me that he doesn't feel closer to me, and just wants to be friends. Normally I never stay friends with someone I've been in a relationship with but because I like him so much I agreed.
We saw each other recently after six weeks of not seeing each other (still speaking about once a week though) and it was just like we used to be, snuggling up on the couch, talking etc, and the day after he went he called me to let me know about a job he was going to, and I felt he was really connecting back with me.
Now fast forward and I spoke to him last week where he sounded really down, and not in the mood to talk (he called me) and since then nothing even though I've tried to call him.
He does get really stressed and obsesses about things, such as when he's made a call about a job he's thought about that conversation at least ten times.
I don't know what to do, should I leave it to him to call me, or should I reach out in a few days time?
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