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Worried about infatuation .Triggering unhappiness

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Worried about infatuation .Triggering unhappiness

Postby jimbob78 » Thu Mar 05, 2020 1:16 pm


I've a partner and a daughter. About a month ago I received a message from a woman on facebook who is a friend of a friend. She added me about a year ago, and we rarely spoke (I even came close to taking her off my friends list) as I'd never met her, and still haven't. But I knew I had one thing in common with because of our mutual friend.

She emailed me a recipe , as a response to a facebook post I made. Left it a few days, and we spoke again. Went another few days,possibly a week, and had a brief chat. But the more more messages that passed between us the more we found out we had in common , and it started getting to the point where I'd wake up, and at 7:30 they'd be a message from her. And we'd chat long into the evening .
Never anything sexual, all above board, and we shared this crazy fantasy life, which we both have in our imagination. (in an ideal world type of scenario) .

But over the next few weeks, a few innuendos passed, which isn't unusual for me, i've stacks of female friends who I exchange innuendos with.
I asked if she fancied meeting up one day, and she jumped at the chance.
Next thing the messages between us got more racey, especially about our little historic fantasy world we live in where we're basically lovers in it. She even started sending me provocative pictures .

She in the end admitted she fancies me, and I admitted I fancy her to. The confusing thing is, she was initially saying how upset she'd be if she was my partner and found out I was sending messages to another woman . She has also suggested myself and partner go to relationship counselling as my relationship is dreadful .

When ever I mention breaking up with my partner she doesn't suggest I she get with her instead and when I messaging started getting hotter, she said you're a bloke that needs cheering up. But the weird thing is, she has bombarded me with all these suggestive messages, (one of the things she said to me was when she wants something she doesn't mess around and goes for it... followed by wink emoji) . She's told me I'm hot, fit, and sexy. admits she fancies me and has rushed to meet up with me when I asked her .
Her messaging has gotten less but thats due to her mum staying with her as she;s really nosey and has to spend time with her, but they've also toned down a lot in terms of it's suggestive content, but again, that might be for the reasons above.

I've decided to test the water and leave messaging in her hands, but luckily she has been texting me still . Heres my problem, because we spent so much time messaging each other, I kind of feel lost when she doesn't. When I don't get a message I feel quite down, unless I find something to really distract me. When I get a message from her, I feel a real lift.
We have so much in common and she said she fancies me, I don't see why we wouldn't get together, but she not leaving any hints about a future together except this little fantasy thing we have going off.. She went through with her ex husband similar to what I'm going through with my partner now. So she's sympathetic to that,but she has said in the future I could come round her and help her with a few jobs that need doing around the house.

But because she gives me such a lift, I'm constantly checking my phone. If she's not messaged I feel a heavy sinking feeling. I wish I met her years ago, I feel like we are soul mates, we have that much in common. I'm just constantly checking my phone.
I'm not sure if she was testing the water regarding the messaging , but unsure because of my situation of having a partner and daughter whether shes now decided to hold back and trying not to lead me on.

We're meeting up this Monday. I'm dreading it. I feel if something does happen between us it'll make me even more infatuated with her, but if nothing does, I 'll start getting depressed and dissapointed as I have a lot of feeling this woman and it'll feel like all the chat and fun and friendship we've had has been wasted.
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