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I need input on my friendship

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I need input on my friendship

Postby Eiteip » Thu Feb 20, 2020 4:31 pm

I’m in my 40’s and I’m not very good at judging other people or understanding motives. I used to think everyone was basically honest and kind hearted and wanted the best for the world. I learned repeatedly that’s not the case. I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to figure this out. Anyway. A few years ago I met this old guy online through mutual concerns for animal welfare. Last year, we met and my actual first thought when he came near me was “this man is a pedophile.”

I have NO idea why I thought it, but I felt it so strongly I shuddered at having to shake his hand. I don’t particularly like to be in his presence, because over the past year he’s disbelieved every single thing I’ve said. I’m serious. I’ll say it’s sunny and warm, and he’ll check the weather online and argue via text. I’ll say my age, he’ll ask what year I was born. From the petty to the big, every last thing I say, he googles and argues.

So when I came here, I was 5 months pregnant from rape. I have 3 boys (their dad kidnapped them, which is another situation). He’s been kind of obsessed with my boys, always idealizing them and wanting to meet them and over the top things. He’s never met them, and IF I ever find them and get them back, I dont want him to meet them, now that I see this typed out because that’s weird asf. I had a baby girl and it just gets more bizarre.

He actually told me two nights ago, he wants to play with her boogers! When I clear her nose, he wants to be here so he can have them and play with them.

What do I DO?! I admit he’s weird. He’s kind of cognitively impaired or something—he’s really slow with things and doesn’t grasp social cues. Or I *think* he doesn’t, but he seems to actually exploit that kind of personality while being craftily smart. It’s more like he’s socially inept and asks really embarrassing questions of ME in public to embarrass me, but other times he’s fine. We are NOT dating. I thought sure he was gay, but he said he was straight just asexual. It’s all WEIRD.

I don’t know what to do.

Also, he’s constantly belittling and denying that sexual predators exist and are a problem. He keeps saying *I* have to do things like not smile, not say hi, not go outside my apartment, etc.
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