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Is my lady a narc?

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Is my lady a narc?

Postby Powerserge » Sun Dec 01, 2019 3:12 pm

My lady lies about where she’s at and posts it on fb. She always talks about how she can tell a situation by looking at picture, like she sees the picture and says there not happy the smile is fake . She tells me her ex was a good guy always gave her money and was wonderful to her but somehow she knew he wasn’t the one for her. It makes no sense to me. She asked me for money and favors in the beginning of the relationship. She asked me questions about my past exes and yes used it against me afterward. She uses the cold shoulder and won’t speak to me for days if she’s mad for God knows what reasons. Does this sound like a narc !
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Re: Is my lady a narc?

Postby Kodarules28 » Wed Dec 25, 2019 1:09 am

I wouldn't label it as a narc, but I am wondering why you would be in a relationship with someone who gives you a cold shoulder when they are upset? Wouldn't you rather be with someone who is able to talk to you when they are upset? The other question I have is, do you try to talk to her when she gets upset or do you just ignore it?
If you do try to communicate with her by asking her what is wrong and she is not expressing her thoughts with you, then I would suggest looking at yourself and asking if you want to be in that type of relationship?
Second, do you want a relationship with a girl who believes the man should give her as much money as she wants, or do you want someone who appreciates the money you give her? To me, when your with someone who expects you to give them money and only treats you the way you want to be treated when you give them money then they don't actually like you.
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Re: Is my lady a narc?

Postby handsomejaack » Sat Jan 11, 2020 8:52 am

Yea i "could" be
As a male narc myself , the info grabbing is essential, i act like i care when i first meet someone although inside im pretty much devoid of feeling for other people but i can fake it good, i let people talk...people love to talk about themselves so i flip the switch and they just ramble not knowing the whole time im filing all the info away for later use against you.
its what we do
the silent treatment:: atm im giving most people on my job the silent treatment ...not the bosses ofcourse but all the underlings, see narcs feed off admiration and praise..BUT..we feed off of fear and LOATHING aswell, so when i walk past you and dont look at you, i dont talk to you infact you might as well be a ghost.
I can feel people tense up when i walk in their direction, i imagine they are thinking "omg here comes this guy", "god i hate this guy", and inside i feed off of it and if your female narc is giving the silent treatment than she also is feeding.

the best way to deal with people like me is to act indifferent.
we feed off emotional response!
we think we are gods, we are better, smarter and in my case a "covert" narc or "shy narc" we think we are unappreciatted, unlike the "overt" narc the world hasnt seen our greatness, we were born at the wrong time, we still think we are godlike but the world hasnt seen how great we are.
that being said if you act like a narc is a total nobody it takes all of our source away and we will move on to another target.

anyway i cant tell you if she is a narc but she has narc like tendencies by the sound of it
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