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Lost my one and only love

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Lost my one and only love

Postby archaic » Tue Oct 01, 2019 9:10 pm

My girlfriend has D.I.D.

My partner of 3 years has undiagnosed D.I.D. maybe, she has told me their names female and male, I've tried to research and educate myself to understand what she has, at a ne point it was hard when I first met her as she didn't trust me but through the past two years I've come to care for and understand her more up until she went in hospital for as she puts it going mad, which in my eyes it wasn't as I coped with her, she says she trust me that alters that come out at times when asleep she may not know about that I handle her in a way of keeping her safe for her to be like that,

I love this woman more then any woman in the world I've been involved with and would not leave her unless she wanted me too,

But like couples we have good and bad days plus not always gona see eye to eye with some alters,

As I understand now D.I.D. I want to be there for her,

But just a thew days ago she was texting her ex, she puts him down all the time but then during making breakfast texts him, when raising my concerns I may to loud or shout but would never hit or hurt her it's never in any thought I have when arguing, but during that I was making coffee with a spoon went to through it out the back door on to the wall into the bin right outside in the garden, she was eating breakfast I made eating at the table in line of the door open, I made the coffee tured to throw the spoon out the door at the wall to get it together n the bin and as she was eating over her plate cutting her food, she sat up slightly and the spoon hit the side of her head, I went to walk quite calypso over to her because it was a accident but she jumped up hit me on the chest saying she wants me out the house and is calling the police,

By this time she's had it in her head I meant it and then I went upstairs to eat my breakfast until the police came,

I went back down to talk to her saying sorry it was a mistake but she didn't want to know, the police came, one came up to me I explained what she can be like, I've never hit her at all and wouldn't, I got arrested and taken to jail kept in two and half days appeared in front of a court on a virtual link pleaded not guilty been adjourned till *mod edit* not allowed to go near her house or enter her road,

Three years with her never hurt her or hit her love more than i can say it's self and she don't trust me enough to think it was an accident just being a spoon saying it was a act of threat and a intimidating and hostile towards her, and says I threw it at her,

After all she has said to me that she feels safe with me in the past to able to be who she is and then she thinks that of me from an accident that I would cause her harm of any kind physically,

I feel demoralised from this because the court and the police are entertaining this

Now I can't be with her throughout what she may go through from this sad ordeal, she is my world :cry: :cry: :cry:
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Re: Lost my one and only love

Postby Zoicite23 » Thu Oct 03, 2019 11:07 am

From the events you've described to me, I'd be suspicious of her.

You want her but does she still want you? Is she putting in the effort to fix this since she had a part to play in it? You've never physically harmed her but she decides to call the police after you tossed a spoon at her - causing no real damage - and explained it was an accident. That is very irrational to me.

Besides the point but I don't think you should be venting your anger out on physical things, throwing stuff either, that is frightening for people to see. Do you get mad at her because she is displaying disinterest in you? Not putting effort into the relationship? Looking for a reason to get you away from her - calling the police over the spoon incident. The fact she is fixated on her ex - even if she's only complaining about him - is a bad sign. He may have done the wrong thing to her, but she wouldn't be focusing on him so much if she didn't still have feelings. She'd get over it.

Is she putting any effort into your relationship? Into fixing this? Does she veer back and forth, like she's uncertain if she wants to keep seeing you? You need to be honest with yourself about her actions.
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