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Is she not interesed or depressed?

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Is she not interesed or depressed?

Postby Lars77 » Wed Sep 18, 2019 9:20 am

My ex-gf and I have been spending a lot of time together for about 2 months, she broke up with me about 2 years ago. During that period she got engaged but she left her fiancé more than I year ago. In the beginning when we started to see each other again we were in contact every day and most of the time she has been the one initiating contact. We spend a lot of time together and have been intimate plenty of times. About 3 weeks ago I noticed that she all of a sudden became more distant and less affectionate, both in text and when we are together. Now she becomes affectionate after a couple of glasses of wine. She used to talk about trips and stuff she wanted us to do, but now she rarely talks about that. She has told me that before we started to seeing each other again she had/is been mentally ill, been thinking about all negative things that have happened, not getting a break in her life, abusive thing that happened when she was young and thinking a lot about her mother how past away about 5 years ago. She even told me that she had been reading about how it might feel to die. When she drinks she drinks a lot and sometimes take drugs. About 6 months ago she were in contact with a psychiatrist but she stopped and had been taking meds but stopped after a very short time. I have told her that I will help her thought this, and I have told her that I like her and I’m pretty sure she knows I have strong feelings for her. One night we meet one of her girlfriends at a bar, her friend said how happy she was that we are seeing each other again and asked us what was happening between us and at the same time she said that me ex-gf would never admit that she likes me. We haven’t talked about our current “relationship” or what we are doing. She now spends most of her time working, staying at her place and time with her family. Have asked her to meet up and do stuff I know she likes to do, but she has either not replied or said that she has to work. Feels like she is pulling away. Is she not sure about her feelings, not interested or is she depressed and is pushing me away because of that?
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Re: Is she not interesed or depressed?

Postby xdude » Thu Sep 19, 2019 5:12 pm

Hey man,

Hard to know, and you know her better than we ever can. That written,

If I was going to guess, it does seem to be about self-esteem issues and depression.

The hardest thing with that kind of situation is as much as you mean well, she probably does need to see a neutral, objective, therapist. You are too closely involved to be that person for her.
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